Choose Your Goal

This is not a diet but way of life. get educated, get informed and learn how to balance a healthy life in the real world whilst making informed choices.

  • Learn about your mind and body in a creative, supportive and inspirational way
  • Access to weekly modules to inspire and educate you, building on your knowledge week by week
  • Empower yourself to make positive informed choices by understanding your body and its needs
  • Videos, handouts, recipes, articles, meal ideas, shopping lists and all the resources you could ever need
  • Over 12 hours of video content split into manageable weekly modules
  • The option to access free extra content on specific topics that may be of special interest to you on top the 12-weeks worth of content

Drawing on the principles of functional medicine, clinic psycho-neuro-immunology, clinical experience, logic, NLP and scientific research I want to bring to you the most important education you will ever receive.