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Are you fed up with extra belly fat, PMS, skin breakouts, bloating, headaches, low energy, low mood, or bad sleep?

Are you sick of restriction, contradictory advice, and lack of support?

Do you want life changing information, and the ability to be proactive in your physical and emotional health?

Then i'm looking for YOU to join my online community of people changing their lives one meal at time. Start by checking out my FREE Gut Health Info Pack to find out how central your digestive health is to your goals even if you don't have digestive symptoms! 

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This is not a diet but a way of life to enjoy, free from symptoms. 
I want to create a health revolution, not just sell. That's why I'm offering all of this completely FREE, but only to those who are serious about revolutionising their health:
  • A FREE welcome call to establish whether the programme is right for you 
  • FREE access to the closed Facebook group for free Q&A sessions with me, tips, freebies, and of course you'll meet other members for support
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Julia: Lean Rev Graduate

Zoe made me feel differently about my entire approach to food right away. Her positive, informed and constructive approach no doubt led me overcoming Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and becoming pregnant with my daughter. 


Learn what I have learned through two science degrees, 1 diploma, and 7 years of clinical experience in manageable weekly online modules over a life changing 12-week process from the comfort of your own home (or car!)

Understandable, empowering, interesting, and fun; working with me and being part of the Lean Rev community will give you the tools you need to grab life with both hands and enjoy it to max.

After all, that is why we are here, right?!

Choose to join my small community and get support from me, your Lean Rev coach, or just get access to the content.


  • Learn about your mind and body in a creative, supportive and inspirational way
  • Access to weekly modules to inspire and educate you, building on your knowledge week by week
  • Empower yourself to make positive informed choices by understanding its needs
  • Work one to one with our specialist coach to help you through making changes and any emotional blocks to your progress
  • Videos, handouts, recipes, articles, meal ideas, shopping lists and all the resources you could ever need
  • Access to the Lean Rev community for support, motivation and Q&A sessions
  • Over 12 hours of video content split into manageable weekly modules
  • The option to access free extra content on specific topics that may be of special interest to you on top the 12-weeks worth of content
    Mike: Lean Rev Graduate

    "I didn't specifically have anything wrong with me when Zoe offered to help. I was however Obese and struggling constantly with low energy levels and bad guts. Having tried multiple "high street" diets and found nothing that stuck, I kind of just accepted my situation being down to getting older and a busy work life.

    From the start Zoe's enthusiasm is very contagious. Zoe doesn't just tell you what you should do but goes into great detail to help you understand the theory as to why. You very quickly appreciate the effects of the choices you make and I noticed a change in myself straight away. I started to eat less but found myself more fulfilled with each meal. I found myself to be sensitive to gluten and as a result of realising that I soon found my energy back. I want to be clear however, I wasn't just put on a diet. I was educated on how to use food and nutrition to your advantage.

    It's clear that without Zoe's help my goals would never have become achievable. With Zoe looking at the big picture and her attention to detail, that is what has given me the foundations for living healthy for the long term. A big thank you!"

    I have helped hundreds of people achieve the freedom that health can provide and have spent many years working one to one with people. Now is time to share my experience and reach out to more people by offering a unique online learning tool, where you can access the latest education in a fun and practical way, and be part of a community of people changing their lives one meal at a time.
    Learning about your mind, body, and nutrition will be the most important education you will ever gain. By working your way through this 12-week course you will learn life-changing reasons and ways to support your health whilst being supported by me, your specialist coach, and the Lean Revolution community.
    If you struggle with symptoms, want to prevent future health complications, want to be involved in an interactive community and are interested in learning about nutrition and your body, then I would be so happy for you to join us.
    Join a revolution of people breaking down the nutrition myths and transforming their health with an approach that embraces nourishment, not deprivation and promotes self-love, not hatred. I will teach you how to support your body’s optimal functioning, helping you to look and feel at your best from the comfort of your own home.
    Get ready to feel great!
    Drawing on the principles of functional medicine, clinical psycho-neuro-immunology, clinical experience, logic, NLP and scientific research I want to bring to you the most important education you will ever receive.

About Zoe Kay MSc Bsc

Life loving nutritionist Zoe Kay is an experienced nutritionist using a unique and integrative functional medicine approach aimed at targeting the root cause of a range of symptoms and conditions. Zoe studied her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the renowned Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM) where she is now a guest lecturer. Zoe also provides seminars for health professionals and corporate companies and is involved with various local health projects.

Zoe appreciates that emotional health is as important as physical, as the mind and body are one and the same and the concept of emotions and thoughts being able to trigger physical events is an important part of her approach with clients.

Zoe has contributed to various nutrition media including public and academic articles, television, and radio. Zoe is passionate about health; believing that health is freedom and strives to enable her clients to experience this and has a passion for giving people the tools to optimise their health and enjoy life to the maximum.

One to One Coaching

​What Happens in a Coaching Session?

If you choose to have one to one coaching sessions alongside accessing the course material you can look forward to:

  • Creating new habits and leave behind unwanted behaviours
    • Working with inner conflicts regarding food choices or behaviours e.g. "Part of me wants to eat healthily, part of me just wants to indulge myself"
      • Working together to define and refine your health or life goals
      • Moving you forward when relationships or your environment are holding you back from making the changes you want

    About Alexa

    Alexa graduated from the University of Sussex with a BA hons in Contemporary History with Development Studies and enjoyed a career as a tutor and translator in academia and business in Colombia. In 2012 her passion for health and nutrition led me to work in the fascinating fields of clinical nutrition and functional medicine as a writer, communicator, and in practice management. In her ongoing work in healthcare practices, and from her own experiences, she noticed that knowing what our health/eating goals are, and actually carrying them out, are two very different things.

    She became fascinated by how she could empower individuals to really make the lifestyle changes they want to. In 2013, she gained her NLP Practitioner qualification at the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management, and went on to study Life and Business Coaching at the UK College of Personal Development, as well as undertaking specialist training in NLP techniques for choiceful eating and weight management.

    She uses the powerful tools of NLP and coaching to really make your goals happen!

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