This is not a diet but way of life… you can still have the odd glass of wine and eat chocolate, as long as you learn how to balance and make informed choices.

  • Learn about your mind and body in a creative, supportive and inspirational way
  • Access to weekly modules to inspire and educate you, building on your knowledge week by week
  • Work one to one with my specialist coach to help you through making changes and any emotional blocks to your progress
  • Empower yourself to make positive informed choices by understanding your body and its needs
  • Videos, handouts, recipes, articles, meal ideas, shopping lists and all the resources you could ever need
  • Access to the Lean Rev community for support, motivation and Q&A sessions
  • Over 12 hours of video content split into manageable weekly modules
  • The option to access free extra content on specific topics that may be of special interest to you on top the 12-weeks worth of content

Drawing on the principles of functional medicine, clinic psycho-neuro-immunology, clinical experience, logic, NLP and scientific research I want to bring to you the most important education you will ever receive.

About Zoe Kay MSc BSc


Life loving nutritionist Zoe Kay is an experienced nutritionist using a unique and integrative functional medicine approach aimed at targeting the root cause of a range of symptoms and conditions. Zoe studied her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the renowned Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM) where she is now a guest lecturer. Zoe also provides seminars for health professionals and corporate companies and is involved with various local health projects.

Zoe appreciates that emotional health is as important as physical, as the mind and body are one and the same and the concept of emotions and thoughts being able to trigger physical events is an important part of her approach with clients.

Zoe has contributed to various nutrition media including public and academic articles, television, and radio. Zoe is passionate about health; believing that health is freedom and strives to enable her clients to experience this and has a passion for giving people the tools to optimise their health and enjoy life to the maximum.