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join my online community of PEOPLE changing their lives one meal at time

This is not a diet but way of life. get educated, get informed and learn how to balance a healthy life in the real world whilst making informed choices.

  • Learn about your mind and body in a creative, supportive and inspirational way
  • Access to weekly modules to inspire and educate you, building on your knowledge week by week
  • Empower yourself to make positive informed choices by understanding your body and its needs
  • Videos, handouts, recipes, articles, meal ideas, shopping lists and all the resources you could ever need
  • Over 12 hours of video content split into manageable weekly modules
  • The option to access free extra content on specific topics that may be of special interest to you on top the 12-weeks worth of content

Drawing on the principles of functional medicine, clinic psycho-neuro-immunology, clinical experience, logic, NLP and scientific research I want to bring to you the most important education you will ever receive

I have helped hundreds of people achieve the freedom that health can provide and have spent many years working one to one with people. Now is time to share my experience and reach out to more people by offering a unique online learning tool, where you can access the latest education in a fun and practical way, and be part of a community of people changing their lives one meal at a time.

Learning about your mind, body and nutrition will be the most important education you will ever gain. By working your way through this 12-week course you will learn life-changing reasons and ways to support your health.

If you struggle with symptoms, want to prevent future health complications, want to be involved in an interactive community and are interested in learning about nutrition and your body, then I would be so happy for you to join us.

Join a revolution of people breaking down the nutrition myths and transforming their health with an approach that embraces nourishment, not deprivation and promotes self-love, not hatred. I will teach you how to support your body’s optimal functioning, helping you to look and feel at your best from the comfort of your own home.

Get ready to feel great!