Difficulty losing weight

“I started to eat less but found myself more fulfilled with each meal”

“I didn’t specifically have anything wrong with me when Zoe offered to help. I was however Obese and struggling constantly with low energy levels and bad guts. Having tried multiple “high street” diets and found nothing that stuck, I kind of just accepted my situation being down to getting older and a busy work life.

From the start Zoe’s enthusiasm is very contagious. Zoe doesn’t just tell you what you should do but goes into great detail to help you understand the theory as to why. You very quickly appreciate the effects of the choices you make and I noticed a change in myself straight away. I started to eat less but found myself more fulfilled with each meal. I found myself to be sensitive to gluten and as a result of realising that I soon found my energy back. I want to be clear however, I wasn’t just put on a diet. I was educated on how to use food and nutrition to your advantage.

It’s clear that without Zoe’s help my goals would never have become achievable. With Zoe looking at the big picture and her attention to detail, that is what has given me the foundations for living healthy for the long term. A big thank you!”

Chronic Joint Inflammation

“I have just finished my course at University, something I could not have done without the ongoing support from Zoe”

“I first went to see Zoe with a long list of problems which had all been attributed to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I hadn’t got on well with conventional medication and was sure my immune response was something I could cure. Zoe has supported me along the journey to find out the problem providing meal plans, recipes, supplement advice and pain relief to make me more comfortable.

I have just finished my course at University, something I could not have done without the ongoing support from Zoe. Zoe has no only advised me but taught me, I am now able to treat myself and feel much more in tune with my body. I love the dietary changes and my family often comment on how good my cooking smells.

My journey to ‘wellness’ is ongoing as is everyone’s; health is not something one gains overnight, -we must work at it continuously. This is something Zoe has taught me.

I’m so excited for my future and want to continue gaining knowledge about nutrition, health and well-being. Thank you so much Zoe; you are understanding, extremely knowledgeable and I could not recommend you enough!” Emily

PCOS & Infertility

“Overcoming my PCOS and becoming pregnant”

“Zoe made me think differently about my entire approach to food and nutrition straight away. Her positive, informed and constructive approach without doubt contributed to overcoming my PCOS and becoming pregnant with my daughter. Zoe also generously continued to offer support and guidance long after my initial appointment”. Julia

Food anxiety & Gut Issues


“I cannot thank Zoe enough for her support. With her kindness,  proficiency, dietary advice and great recipe ideas, I have finally been able to return to having a healthy relationship with food, get excited about eating again and manage symptoms of fatigue, irritable bowel and lack of concentration, which are almost non-existing now leaving me feeling as energised as I always knew I should! I almost instantly felt improvement in both my physical and emotional wellbeing in a manner that I know is set to support me for years to come. Thank you!” Helen

Unexplained Anaemia, Gut Issues, & fatigue

“Zoe has literally changed my life”

“Having spent more than 30 years suffering from digestive problems, food sensitivities, and various other health issues without my GP being unable to diagnose a problem I decided to seek the advice of Zoe and have never looked back. Zoe has literally changed my life, she is knowledgeable about so many things you just would not believe were linked to nutrition and with her help, support and encouragement I have a diet that excludes all of the things she has identified that I am sensitive to and I feel nourished as a result. Zoe is more than just a nutritionist she has offered a huge amount of support for me and my family and has also identified a genetic condition that my son and I both have which has meant that we have required a tailored diet and supplement programme to support this. I have recommended Zoe to my friends, my family, and my work colleagues all of whom are 100% satisfied with the life-changing support and advice she has provided them with. Zoe has done all of the things that no other expert has ever been able to do for me and as a result I have been symptom-free for almost a year now and my son is also getting the same fantastic support that I have received, I only wish I met her sooner.”  Jade

Chronic joint inflammation & IBS

“I am now symptom-free”

“It was my physio who referred me to Zoe when neither he nor my GP could discover the cause of my sore joints. Zoe’s careful and thorough questioning encouraged me to tell her about other symptoms I had struggled with for years such as itchy eyes and frequent indigestion. It was such a relief to talk to someone who wanted to know the whole picture. Over the last few months, Zoe has guided and encouraged me through a programme of dietary change, diagnostic tests and supplements which has resulted in my now being symptom-free. I am feeling better than I have done for years and love my new diet.” Laura

Raised Blood Insulin & Difficulty Losing Fat

“She understood my goals and was great at addressing each one”

“I first came to Zoe following a number of blood test results which I  was concerned about.  Although they registered as “normal” and therefore not warranting support from my GP, some were borderline and this concerned me.  Zoe did an amazing job at explaining the results holistically, rather than just looking at each test result in isolation.  She understood my goals and was great at addressing each one in turn and helping me prioritise them.  As someone who was studying biomedicine I was always curious about the detail and Zoe was consistently able to provide me with supporting research whenever I asked for detail and gave a depth of information and analysis which was appropriate for my level of understanding.  Zoe was always quick to respond to questions, was reliable and punctual.” Nicky